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Consumer and Producer Surplus preview image

Consumer and Producer Surplus

  • Be able to explain what consumer surplus, producer surplus, and social gain are in graphical term...
Area between functions preview image

Area between functions

  • Be able to relate the area between two curves (functions) on a Cartesian graph to the algebraic r...
Area under a curve preview image

Area under a curve

  • Be able to interpret what the integral or area below a given business function (e.g. marginal cos...
Elasticity Part 3 - Calculator preview image

Elasticity Part 3 - Calculator

  • Be able to compute the elasticity of a commodity at any price given the demand function. Use the...
Max and Min preview image

Max and Min

  • Understand how the derivative of a function can be used to identify inputs that may correspond to...
Cartesian Graphs and the Second Derivative preview image
  • TheMathDude
  • 2 ratings
    • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Cartesian Graphs and the Second Derivative

  • Be able to analyze and interpret Cartesian graphs of a function in terms of the second derivative...
Derivative of a Sum-Product-Quotient-Composition preview image

Derivative of a Sum-Product-Quotient-Composition

  • Be able to compute the numerical value of the derivative of ANY function at a given input includi...
Doubling Time and Half-Life preview image
  • TheMathDude
  • 3 ratings
    • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Doubling Time and Half-Life

  • Understand what a doubling time or half life means and how to use it compute a growth rate or vic...
Solving Non-Linear Model Equations preview image

Solving Non-Linear Model Equations

  • Be able to solve the same three equations for any unknown parameter, input, or output given valu...
Evaluate Non-Linear Models Part 4 preview image

Evaluate Non-Linear Models Part 4

  • Be able to evaluate (i.e. find an output given an input) and of the three model functions both nu...