Contributor Questions

How is MathVids different from TeacherTube?

The idea behind is very similar to TeacherTube, but we wish to simply concentrate exclusively on the topic of math while also marketing to schools and school districts. We also want to ensure that every video is appropriate as well as accurate, rather than simply allowing every video submitted to be posted. We do not wish to take over the TeacherTube market, but instead, to provide a more valuable, powerful, and accurate resource for math education both at home AND in the classroom.

Is my teaching style okay?

The goal of is to provide math help videos to all students of all learning types. In order to serve students of various learning styles, different teaching styles must be represented. To do this, it is our hope that we can provide students with various videos teaching the same topics, and students will be able to choose which teaching style makes the most sense to them. In our eyes, there is no "best teaching style."

What types / levels of math lessons can I teach?

We allow videos for any level of math from elementary school through college. They can be taught using any method and in any teaching style. We only require that there is no content that is inappropriate for young students and that all content is correct / accurate.

Am I selling my lessons and losing my rights to my lessons / videos?

You retain all rights to all of your videos. They remain your property and may be removed from at any time. They at no time and in no way are ever the legal property of If you are concerned that you are in any way selling your rights to your thoughts, ideas, or lessons, this should not be a concern.

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