The Mission of MathVids

MathVids' mission is to provide a place for students around the world to access quality, moderated math lessons from some of the best teachers in the United States.

By leveraging the power of the Internet and the accessibility of online math videos, we hope to provide students around the world with an equal opportunity to access high quality math lessons and improve mathematical literacy in the 21st century. It is our vision to change the way America thinks about math education and to answer the questions that have emerged in education since the No Child Left Behind Act.

What makes MathVids Different?

Although there are other online sites that have a similar vision and mission to MathVids, our approach is unique.

While other sites rely on their community to flag content as inappropriate, every bit of content on is moderated and approved by a certified math teacher, including lessons, web resources, document resources, comments, and reviews.

Instead of allowing any math video onto the site, we screen our videos and contributors and only allow content that is accurate and high quality. Instead of having to sort through high and low quality lessons, you will only find the highest quality lessons here.

Unlike some educational websites, we believe that different learners have different learning styles. Therefore, you will see the same lesson taught by several different teachers. We believe that no teacher is "best" for everyone.

We are not a jack-of-all-trades website. We pride ourselves on being math content experts. Therefore, you can trust the accuracy of all content. Also, our lessons are organized like a textbook and can be browsed through easily. We also have a fully-functional, great search utility that will help you find exactly what you need.

Because of our commitment to safe, moderated content accessible from anywhere, you can access MathVids from school, work, or home and from your desktop, laptop, iPad, or iPhone. We hope to make learning math fun, easy, and convenient.

Who is MathVids?

Ryan Andersen
Ryan Andersen - Co-founder, Former Math Teacher, Math Expert
MathVids was imagined and co-founded by Ryan Andersen. Ryan received his Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and a Secondary Teaching credential from Michigan State University. Teaching high school math in Toledo, Ohio, Ryan saw a need to differentiate math education and to help struggling learners. He realized that no matter how much you know about math, how good you are at teaching math, and how motivated your students are, it is difficult to reach every student with any given teaching style. It is also difficult to provide one-on-one attention to every struggling student in need of extra help. There are also students across the country and around the world that do not have access to good math education or a passionate, caring math teacher. For these reasons, Ryan wanted to create a resource that was available to every student, anywhere, at any time.
Scott Andersen
Scott Andersen - Co-founder
Co-founder Scott Andersen is an entrepreneur and web developer who is passionate about building companies that leverage the latest in technology and social media. He has his educational background in Computer Science and Business Administration from Aquinas College and GVSU. Scott was also excited about the idea of using technology to reach students and help them learn math. He had the programming and web design experience needed to get MathVids off the ground, as he had recently co-founded and built ProCPR , the online leader in CPR certification.
When Scott and Ryan started collaborating on this new project to help make quality math education accessible to students around the world, the results were staggering. MathVids launched on Pi Day (March 14), 2008. Since that day, the growth of MathVids has been exponential. The number of lessons on MathVids has grown from just under 100 lessons taught by 2 teachers to more than 1,500 lessons taught by nearly 40 teachers. Now, more than 1,000 parents, teachers, and students are helped by MathVids every day.