Multiplication and Division

Multiplication and Division
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Multiplication and division are explained using a number line. Also, many examples of multiplying and dividing fractions with negative signs. Also, multiplying and dividing by 0 is discussed.

  • How do you multiply and divide integers using a number line?
  • Why does a negative number times a negative number equal a positive number?
  • What does any number times 0 equal?
  • What are reciprocals and what do reciprocals equal when they are multiplied?
  • How do you multiply fractions by canceling out common factors?
  • What does -3(-5/6)(-2/3) equal?
  • How do you divide fractions?
  • What does 6/(5/7) equal?
  • What is 0/5?
  • What happens when you divide by 0?
  • Why can't you divide by 0?
  • What is 0 divided by 0?
This lesson explains the concept of multiplication and division using a number line. Reciprocals are revisited, fractions are multiplied and divided, and several example problems are shown for simplifying expressions with multiplication and division and using negative signs.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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i love it
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