Indeterminate Forms and L'Hopital's Rule

Indeterminate Forms and L'Hopital's Rule
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Indeterminate forms 0/0, infinity/infinity, 0, infinity, 1^infinity, 0^0, infinity^0, and infinity - infinity. L'Hopital's Rule.
  • What are indeterminate forms?
  • What is L'Hopital's Rule?
  • How do you use L'Hopital's Rule?
  • When is a limit indeterminate?
  • What is the limit as x approaches 0 of xlnx?
  • What are the limit properties of lnx and e^x?
  • What are exponential forms?
  • How do you find the limit of x^1/x as x goes to infinity?
  • What is the limit of x^x as x goes to 0?
This video is crucial to taking many limits in Calculus. Indeterminate forms are introduced and discussed. The forms are 0/0, infinity / infinity, and 0*infinity. L’Hopital’s rule is the method used to calculate the limit of these indeterminate forms. The limit properties of lnx and e^x are also shown. Exponential forms 1^infinity, 0^0, and infinity^0 are explained as well. Finally, the form infinity - infinity is discussed.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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