Trigonometric Substitutions

Trigonometric Substitutions
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Sine, tangent, and secant substitutions.
  • What is trig substitution?
  • What is sine substitution?
  • What is the integral of the square root of 1 - x^2?
  • How do you take the integral of the square root of 4 - x^2 / x?
  • What is tangent substitution?
  • How do you use secant substitution?
This video explains how and why trigonometric substitution works. You will see the right triangle trigonometry that helps you remember how it all works. Then, some really great examples are shown depicting trig substitution. There is a really helpful summary at the end of the video that explains when to use each substitution, when you have a^2 - u^2, a^2 + u^2, or u^2 - a^2.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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