Improper Integrals

Improper Integrals
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Integrals over unbounded intervals. Integrals over bounded intervals of functions that are unbounded near an endpoint. Comparison test for convergence/divergence.
  • How do you find improper integrals over unbounded intervals?
  • When does an improper integral converge or diverge?
  • What is an improper integral?
  • What is the integral of 1/x^3 from 1 to infinity?
  • What is the integral of 1/square root of x from 1 to infinity?
  • What is the integral of 1/x^p from 1 to infinity?
  • When does the integral of 1/x^p converge or diverge?
  • How do you find the improper integral of unbounded functions over bounded intervals?
  • What is the integral of tan x between 0 and pi/2?
  • What is the comparison test for convergence?
  • How do you use the comparison test to check if an integral converges or diverges?
This video begins to introduce convergence and divergence of improper integrals using limits. There are several examples shown, including some very useful and strategic examples that will be used in later videos. The comparison test for convergence is also introduced. This is a very important video for understanding the remainder of Calculus.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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