Numerical Integration

Numerical Integration
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Trapezoid Rule and Simpson's Rule. Error estimates.
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  • What is numerical integration?
  • How do you estimate an integral numerically?
  • What is the trapezoid rule for approximating an integral?
  • How do you estimate an integral to within 0.0005?
  • What is Simpson's Rule?
  • What is the 3-point Simpson Rule?
  • What is the composite Simpson Rule?
  • How do you compute S4 for the integral of 1/(1 + ln x) between 1 and 3?
  • How do you estimate error for Simpson's Rule?
  • How do you find n so that Sn is guaranteed to be accurate to within 0.00005?
  • How do you do the trapezoid rule on a calculator?
  • How do you do Simpson's Rule on a calculator?
This is a really thorough explanation of estimating integrals numerically using trapezoids. It is also possible to determine what the error in the calculation will be. Also discussed is Simpson’s Rule, how to make calculations to estimate integrals, and what the error estimate is for the rule. A good explanation of what can be a very complicated process in Calculus.
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nice vid
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Very clear and thorough. Well done!
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