Compute using Trig Identities 1

Compute using Trig Identities 1
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Part of video series Compute using Trig Identities
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Using Trig Identities to make computations.
  • How do you make computations using trig identities?
  • If cos(2A) = 1/3 and 360 < 2A < 450, what are cosA, sinA, and tanA?
  • How do you find cosA, sinA, and tanA if you know cos(2A)?
This lesson shows how to compute cos, sin, and tan of an angle if you know the value of cos of twice the angle. All steps involved in making the computations are shown and explained very clearly in this lesson. Check out the next lessons in this series for more example problems.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
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