Finding Supplementary Angles

Finding Supplementary Angles
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Learn about supplementary angles -- what they are and how to identify them.

  • What are supplementary angles?
  • How can you find supplementary angles?
  • How do you find the measures of angles x and y if the measure of angle x is three-fifths the measure of angle y and if x and y are supplementary angles?
  • What is the clearing fraction approach?
  • How do you solve 3/5 y + y = 180?
  • How do you solve 3y + 5y = 900?
This lesson uses a geometric angle situation to set up and solve an algebraic equation to find the measures of the two angles. This is a good beginner problem if you are just learning to relate algebra equations to geometric situations.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Reviewed by MathVids Staff on June 26, 2011.
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