Binomial Probability part 1

Binomial Probability part 1
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Part of video series Probability
Taught by kimhansel10
This is a simple binomial probability problem.
  • What is binomial probability?
  • If 62% of families watch TV during dinner, what is the probability that 4 of 6 families selected at random watch TV at dinner?
  • How do you find the probability of an event using binomial probability?
  • What are all possibilities for six families watching TV?
Binomial probability is explained with a common example problem. A fun video and song are used to motivate you as you work on the problems. The example is explained in a very clear and easy to understand way.
  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.
Reviewed by MathVids Staff on March 25, 2009.
the video is simply a distraction to what could have been a strong video worth watching. extras like that aren't necessary - just teach the lesson.
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Reviewed by litlarcher on October 06, 2010.
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