It's all Greek to me. Sigma Notation.

It's all Greek to me. Sigma Notation.
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Part of video series Summations
Taught by IsAllAboutMath
Learn about sigma notation, sequences, tetrahedral numbers, pyramidal numbers, and their relationships analytically and geometrically.
  • What is sigma notation?
  • How do you write sigma notation?
  • What is a tetrahedral number?
  • What is a pyramidal number?
  • Is there a formula for tetrahedral numbers?
  • Are there formulas relating tetrahedral numbers and pyramidal numbers?
This video does a great job of explaining how to understand tetrahedral and pyramidal numbers geometrically, how they relate to each other, and how to use sigma notation to represent sequences. This is a very important lesson with a nice resource for learning some fundamentals about sigma notation and types of sequences.
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Reviewed by MathVids Staff on March 13, 2009.
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