Pascal's Triangle

Pascal's Triangle
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At the 11:20 mark, the slide and the speaker says that "11 x 14 = 165", which is incorrect. Instead, 11 x 15 = 165.
An explanation of what Pascal's Triangle is, how it is formed, and several different patterns inside of the triangle. Very cool patterns can be found inside, and this video helps explain them clearly and concisely, so you can understand them.
  • What is Pascal's Triangle?
  • How is Pascal's Triangle formed?
  • What are some patterns in Pascal's Triangle?
  • Where can you find Fibonacci's Sequence in Pascal's Triangle?
If you've ever seen some of the patterns in Pascal's Triangle and wanted to see / learn more, then check out this video. It explains and shows visually several different patterns (although by no means all of them) that exist in the triangle. Finally, a great way that you can show off to your friends. The lesson includes a couple of great resources for you to explore further into this topic as well.
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Reviewed by MathVids Staff on February 17, 2008.
Great video! I enjoy looking at and learning about all the different patterns found in Pascal's Triangle. I did notice that when he was discussing the pattern of prime numbers beginning a row of their multiples, he said that 11 x 14 was 165. This should have been 11 x 15. Other than that one mistake, I really loved this video.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Reviewed by Tiggerfan1973 on September 14, 2010.
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