Just for Fun Courses

  • Math History videos

    Math History (6 videos by 3 teachers)

    Topics discussed here include a reference to math history and also include an exploration of the 4th dimension.
  • Playing with Numbers videos

    Playing with Numbers (31 videos by 6 teachers)

    Topics include fascinating discoveries about numbers, patterns in numbers, pi, Pascal's Triangle, and shortcuts for performing computations with certain properties.
  • Other videos

    Other (59 videos by 2 teachers)

    This category includes short math films and a variety of different brain teasers including matchstick arrangement problems and optical illusions.
  • MathVids Tutorials videos

    MathVids Tutorials (11 videos by 4 teachers)

    Tutorials included here are mostly TI graphing calculator tutorials featuring the TI-84+ and TI-Nspire calculators.
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