High School Math Courses

  • Algebra videos

    Algebra (1182 videos by 20 teachers)

    High school Algebra course that introduces students to variables, variable expressions, graphing / solving equations, functions, linear systems of equations, polynomial expressions, radical expressions / equations, rational expressions / equations, quadratic equations, absolute value equations, and other core Algebra topics.
  • Geometry videos

    Geometry (135 videos by 13 teachers)

    High school geometry topics are covered, including the coordinate plane, types of angles, 2D and 3D shapes, formulas for calculations, triangles and proofs, transformations, and an introduction to trigonometric functions.
  • Advanced Algebra videos

    Advanced Algebra (1159 videos by 21 teachers)

    This Advanced Algebra course takes the topics of beginning Algebra and expands on them, going into more depth, and also introducing some more advanced topics. Included are topics such as linear equations and inequalities, linear systems, radical equations, rational equations, quadratic equations, absolute value equations, logarithms, exponential functions, matrices, and complex numbers.
  • Trig / Pre Calc videos

    Trig / Pre Calc (164 videos by 11 teachers)

    High school level trigonometry / Pre-Calculus topics including using bases other than base 10, finding zeroes of polynomials, functions, equations, inequalities, the unit circle and unit circle trig, and vectors.
  • Statistics videos

    Statistics (31 videos by 6 teachers)

    High school level statistics topics including probability, making simple calculations based on data, using a calculator to analyze data, and making graphs / plots from the data.
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