College Math Courses

  • Calculus videos

    Calculus (70 videos by 7 teachers)

    Beginning college Calculus course involving instantaneous slope, tangent lines to curves, area under curves, area between curves, numerical derivatives, and integration.
  • Calculus II videos

    Calculus II (30 videos by 3 teachers)

    Second semester Calculus with Analytical Geometry includes sequences, series, polar coordinates, formulas and techniques for integration.
  • Calculus III videos

    Calculus III (35 videos by 1 teacher)

    Multivariable Calculus is Calculus in multiple variables, including directional and partial derivatives, gradients, vector fields, surface integrals, an intro to topology and differential equations, double and triple integrals, and related theorems and formulas.
  • Beyond Calculus videos

    Beyond Calculus (18 videos by 3 teachers)

    Topics in courses that are beyond Calculus, including non-Euclidean geometry, complex numbers, high-level proofs and types of proof, and Abstract Algebra.
  • Statistics videos

    Statistics (13 videos by 3 teachers)

    College Statistics topics including theorems, estimating populations, hypothesis testing, and other statistics topics.
  • Linear Algebra videos

    Linear Algebra (35 videos by 1 teacher)

    Matrix Algebra and operations including calculating column space / nullspace, solving matrix equations, vectors, subspaces, orthogonality, projections, determinants, eigenvalues / eigenvectors, the Fourier Transform, and other Linear Algebra topics.
  • Differential Equations videos

    Differential Equations (33 videos by 1 teacher)

    College-level differential equations course including such topics as Euler's Method, first and second order linear ordinary differential equations, systems of differential equations, Fourier Series, LaPlace Transform, eigenvalues / eigenvectors, and other differential equation topics.
  • Discrete Math videos

    Discrete Math (20 videos by 1 teacher)

    College-level discrete mathematics course about discrete, countable elements and including logic, complexity, sums, recurrence equations, mathematical induction, combinatorics, equivalence relations and partial orders, Euclid's Algorithm, and other topics.
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