Addition and Subtraction Problems

Addition and Subtraction Problems
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Taught by muchomath
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Combining addition and subtraction in math problems.

  • Minus Mission - Game from Math Game Time: Minus Mission is a free math game providing practice in subtraction in a creeping slime theme. Large green slime at the top of the screen drips blobs with subtraction problems toward a robot at the bottom. Kids must fire at the slime with the correct answer.
  • How do you add and subtract in the same problem on a number line?
  • Which way do you move on a number line when you add or subtract?
  • Where can I find a bunch of problems on a number line that combine addition and subtraction?
This video combines the techniques you have learned in the addition and subtraction videos into one problem. You will learn to work from left to right doing addition / subtraction problems. Several very good problems are done and shown on a number line in this video.
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