Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions
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Concepts covered: Like Fractions, Common Denominator, Equivalent Fractions, Reduced Fraction, Lowest Terms (or Simplest Form), The Cancellation Method, The GCF Method, and Higher Form.
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  • What are equivalent fractions?
  • How do you simplify or reduce fractions?
  • What are like fractions?
  • How do you get common denominators?
  • How do you get a fraction in simplest form?
  • What is the cancellation method for fractions?
  • What is the GCF method for simplifying fractions?
  • What is higher form?
  • How do you simplify fractions to lowest terms on a graphing calculator?
  • Where can I find a lot of examples of working with fractions?
Learn how to simplify / reduce fractions. A great lesson dealing with equivalent fractions. Make sure to watch this lesson if you're having any trouble with fractions.
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Reviewed by MathVids Staff on April 13, 2008.
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