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Video Submission Problems

My Resources will not upload
We only accept document resources in .pdf or .ppt (PowerPoint) format. If your resource was created in Word or another program, go to Cute PDF and download the FREE PDF writer.

My Videos keep getting rejected
There are several things to make sure of in order to get a video / lesson approved:

  • Is your description correct / appropriate?
  • Is your video content correct / appropriate?
  • Are all resources appropriate?

How do I get a good Staff Rating?
ALL videos start with 1 star minimum – each of these four rubric criteria can add 0, .5, or 1 star. All stars are rounded DOWN:

  • Is content comprehensive, helpful, and correct? Is the approach / explanation good, unique, or interesting?
  • Is the video and person fun / interesting?
  • Are resources helpful / interesting / appropriate?
  • Is the visual quality / the use of visuals good?

*NOTE: To achieve a rating of 5 stars, the lesson must be unique, explain a difficult concept in a revolutionary / wonderful way, it must be very impressive overall, and it must contain at least two resources that are helpful and informative.

I don't know how to make a MathVid
Watch the video tutorial of Making a MathVid.

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